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What to do with your diaper(s)...

Being an adult baby is easy and hard.  You best have your own place if you do this.  It can be one thing after another if you have family or friends living with you. 

  • Where do you put the diaper when it is done? 
  • How do you get them out of the house? 
  • That smell, can you control it?
  • or cover it?

You can become creative and hope for the best.  The stuff of where to put the diaper is only one item, where do you keep your diapers, the baby powder, the change sheet or towel, the wipes?  Using cloth diapers adds plastic pants, washing the diapers, diaper pins if you don't have velcro.

Being an adult baby also adds to the list of things to "hide" in your room.  Where do you put a full grown-up sized onsie or jumper? 

Any ideas are welcome, all of it depends of course on who you live with, how "curious" they are about what you do with the door shut and how much you want them to know.

One plus, all my women friends have been commenting on how nice I smell, seems they just can't resist the smell of Johnson's Baby Powder.  Now if they must be confused or they like me as a Baby! 

Now if a Dadda will just ride in and pick me up and lay me down, change me forever!

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