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Goodnites make a good day!

Yesterday was a good day. I went out and bought some goodnites. They have motor bikes on them. I would really like to get some with spiderman on them. These good nites are fro 60 to 125 lbs and I was worried they would not hold as much as an adult diaper.

No need to be worried. I wore them out last night to a meeting and then to the bar with a bunch of straight friends. You can not tell I am wearing them which is cool.

They handled three cups of coffee, two glasses of water and two pints of beer over four hours. I got them pretty well loaded. I came home and let go again. I found the limit! They couldn't hold anymore. Soaked my levi 501's! That was hot!

I am enjoying my diapers, now need a Daddy to change me.
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